<los = the (spanish), loh = abriviation of the fam. name ‘Lohner‘,
bros = abriviation of ‘brothers‘>


Andy and Tom Lohner are the LosLohBros.

Originally from Graz in Austria, the brothers spent a considerable
part of their childhood in Florida, where they developed a great love
of the ocean. After moving back to Austria, more time was spent
snowboarding than surfing, but art has always been at the fore.

Their creative output has appeared on snowboards, surfboards, album
artwork, magazine and book covers, and everywhere in between. In addition to such commercial work, they have created and exhibited art across Europe and beyond.

The lines between their art and commercial work have often been blurred. A recent exhibition project used the brothers’ broken
snowboards as blank canvases, culminating in their Wild Painting series, an installation that toured Europe in 2009 and 2010.

Between 2011 ans 2012, LosLohBros turned their attentions to vinyl. Premiered on 22nd April 2011 in Vienna‘s National Museums of Modern and Contemporary Art, their new exhibition, Spin That Record, has transformed old 12” vinyl records and bespoke mannequin heads sporting customised headphones into over two dozen pieces of art that reflect the brothers’ relationship with the audio and visual elements that surround them. Until further this exhibition tour is considered as their best work to date – Spin That Record toured Europe wide and was featured in numerous art magazines and tv-channels.

For the two brothers Tom and Andy Lohner this is only the start of their long, exciting and super fun journey!

Homepage: www.loslohbros.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/loslohbros
Twitter: @loslohbros