The appearance of Jo Peel’s kite

We are glad to have her aboard: Jo Peel is one of the rising artists in London.
Her piece is called “The Kite”. You can pre-order it via

kitepeel1 kitepeel2 kitepeel3 kitepeel4

Here you can see some details of “The Kite”


Check back soon for our blog for making-of shots of the production process incl.  photo shoot.
Our shop will be online within the next 2 weeks.


Getting Started – The first prints

Just got the pictures of the last high quality printing by our amazing friends form Trash-shirts.


The Wolfpack by Loslohbros getting printed


Welcome to We/Art Fashion

Finally we made it! Due to the amazing feedback and request we are happy to announce the first artist now:

  • Hannah Adamaszek
  • Jo Peel
  • Loslohbros
  • mr.frivolous
  • pallala

You can find further informations of our artists on the artistpage

Pre-ordering starts now on